I had a crown that was done about four months ago and it started hurting real bad. It felt like I was being hit in the face with a wet sock full of nickels. I yelped Endodontist and saw Dr. Cancellier's great reviews and he was one of the few doctors open at 8am. They were able to see me the same morning I called and he accessed my tooth and set an appointment for the next morning for the root canal. I heard so many horror stories about root canals so I was scared and nervous. Dr. Cancellier explained the whole process and told me not to worry because he would make it as pain free as possible. He wasn't lying. I fell asleep a couple of times during the procedure cause I was so comfortable. He gave me some pain meds for afterwards when the mouth numbing wears off but I didn't need it at all. Painless during and after. It was an awesome experience. If you need a root canal, save yourself some tears and pain and call this guy right now.


I went to another dentist and was told I needed a ton of dental work to fix a bad root canal, including an extraction and an implant. Well, I am the biggest chicken when it comes to any dental work, so I thought I needed a 2nd opinion. I was so lucky that a friend’s dentist Dr. Uchizono referred me to Dr. Cancellier. Dr. Cancellier had to do a lot of scary things to my tooth, but he did save it. I went in for 2 procedures. I felt no pain. (Not even the shots, which usually take me over the edge). Dr. C and his staff were so nice and caring. I got a phone call the day and a few days later checking on me. I told them I could not believe that I was ok. I laughed and said the only problem I had was that I needed to go in for a massage after the 1st procedure because I was so tense that my shoulders needed to be worked on. The 2nd procedure went as smoothly as the first one. The only difference was that I did not need a massage, because I knew that I wouldn’t feel any pain. Thank you Dr. C for taking such good care of me and for saving me a ton of money and more, for saving me from experiencing pain.


My dentist sent me to Dr. Cancellier for a bad root canal performed by an out of state endodontist. He was very gentle and took a lot of time with me. He noted that I had a significant amount of infection in my sinus and requested that I see an ENT before treating me further.

Later, it was determined I needed another root canal on another tooth which was discovered after I had returned to Dr. Cancellier after nasal surgery because the nerve had died. I was not looking forward to it because of the poor experience I had with a root canal at the other endodontist. The experience I had with Dr. Cancellier couldn't have been different. Both Dr. and staff were gentle and the procedure was done in half the time and with virtually no discomfort. I walked out of his office an extremely happy person.


I have treated with numerous dentists, periodontists and endodontists over the years. Dr. Cancellier is by far the most pleasant, competent and caring provider that I have ever been to. His office is beautiful and his staff very capable. I would recommend Dr. Cancellier to any of my friends or family.


I found Dr. Cancellier to be outstanding. He was so patient and thorough when explaining the course of treatment I needed and answered the multitude of questions I had, too. His office staff is very professional and helped me understand my insurance coverage. The office was recently remodeled and is just gorgeous. The atmosphere is calm and serene, just what you need when having oral surgery and root canals! I recommend Dr. Cancellier and his team to everyone.


I had never had a root canal before this experience with Dr. Cancellier and staff. Everyone was so kind and concerned it was wonderful! No pain or even discomfort. I''''m very grateful to everyone at his office and Dr. Cancellier and Sharon were so professional yet approachable. I would recommend Dr. Cancellier highly.


My Dentist referred me to Dr. Cancellier when I was in a lot of pain due to an abscess. I was frightened and knew I needed to have a root canal. "Dr. Pete" and his staff were so kind to me, immediately putting my fears at ease. Everything was explained to me so that there were no surprises. I had quite an infection and had to come back several times to get everything under control and completed. Dr. Pete is a master at giving novacaine. I had no pain what so ever during or after the procedure. Dr. Cancellier called me to check on me. He's a nice guy and genuinely cares about his patients. He has the latest high-tech equipment, the office is spotless and decorated beautifully. Yesterday, I went in for a one year check (at no cost to me), on the work that had been performed as a quality check to make certain I wasn't having any problems. No dentist has every contacted me one year after work has been performed. Being highly skilled, pro-active and caring are many reasons why I will recommend Dr. Cancellier and his team!

Y. P.
Irvine, CA

I had never had a root canal before, and my teeth are really sensitive. I dread even getting cavities filled. So, last week when I found out that I had a severe infection and my back upper molar needed a root canal as soon as possible, I was getting really worried.

These things can get extremely serious, and I was scared. I definitely wanted to see the best professional I could find. I did research on the internet, and although it was almost an hour's drive, Dr. Cancellier was by far my first choice. I called the office and (thankfully!) they were able to schedule me for a consult and root canal right away.

They were upfront about the costs, and the prices were reasonable especially for being in such good care and for the quality of their treatment. This experience was a welcomed surprise. Along with being such a master in his field, Dr. Cancellier was also very thoughtful and sensitive to my individual needs as a patient. The office is spacious and calm. Everyone is on the same page, and there is no chaos.

The receptionist and dental assistant are kind and understanding. When I went to my appointments, I was the focus. I knew they would take care of me. Toward the end of my root canal I even had to try not to laugh (extreme winds the other day and somebody is outside using a leaf-blower). I am no longer afraid of root canals because I know where to go.

I will absolutely recommend Dr. Cancellier to anyone I know who needs a root canal. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Was told I probably needed a root canal by my general dentist (Jenny Ip- awesome dentist btw) and I freaked with the thought of all the horror stories I had heard about root canals. Saw Dr. Cancellier and he told me there would be no pain and the only difference between a root canal and having a cavity drilled and filled was about 30 more minutes. Long story short- absolutely no pain, only took about an hour, and was an easy carefree experience. Dr. Cancellier knows what he is doing, very skilled and above all knows all patients are paranoid about the pain issue so he goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable at all times during the RC. Do not fear the procedure and have it done by a specialist like Dr. Cancellier. Can't recommend him enough!

Fullerton, CA

Dr. Cancellier's office helped me on very short notice. I needed an emergency root canal and I would not have chosen any other endodontist to handle my case. He is very gentle and lightens the situation with light humor and a smile.His office was very welcoming, friendly, inviting and I felt so comfortable through out the entire treatment. They even followed up with me weeks later to make sure everything was ok. You will not regret this choice.

R. L.
Newport Beach, CA

Dr. Cancellier is the BEST Endodontics I have ever been to. I truly believed that his goal is to make every patient's experience enjoyable and with minimal discomfort. My dentist in Newport Beach was the one to recommend Dr. Peter Cancellier to see why my teeth were so sensitive and that possibly I would need a root canal. When I visited his office for the 1st time Christine, Front Office Administrator, made me feel at easy and comfortable with the whole process initiating with the paperwork. I have had difficult time with my teeth for the last 15-20 years and had visited numerous doctors but none had the expertise or peoples skills like Dr. Cancellier. I have had 3 root canals and thinking about getting the 4th one. I would highly recommend Dr. Peter Cancellier as he is not only the BEST Endodontics in Irvine, CA but he is reasonable with his prices. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you Doc! :):):)

Los Angeles, CA

Peter's a quality root canal doctor that takes his time to do it correctly. I was never rushed nor set aside. Any small pain was addresses immediately. He explained the procedure in the beginning, middle and at the end. Plus, good follow up with my dentist to correct a crown problem. I always felt that I was in good hands.

R. V. Pomona, CA

Dr. Pete is the best oral surgeon in Orange County! He took the time to explain what he was doing, found the issue and treated my tooth with the utmost care. He personally called me to check on my status the following day and his show of concern is extremely kind and geniune. A true professional and a kind doctor who cares about his patients. Everyone on his staff is professional, engaging and courteous. He has a gorgeously decorated office with the latest high-tech dental equipment. You forget that you're in a dentist's office and actually look forward to the visit. Highest recommendation!

P. F. Rockville, MD

Dr. Cancellier is an amazing endodontist. Not only do you feel very relaxed upon entering his office, but I was welcomed with a smile and a feeling of ease. He is very patient, explained my situation to me and walked me through his treatment plan was excellent. Overall, I would strongly recommend him to everyone whenever you need a root canal!


I had two root canals done by Dr. Cancellier this spring. Having had my first and only other root canal performed by a highly recommended endodontist in my neighborhood just this past fall, I feel like I have something to compare/contrast with Dr. Cancellier and his office staff.

Everything about Endodontics of Orange County was superior to my other experience. Dr. Cancellier goes out of his way to make the process painless and extremely comfortable. He has the latest equipment which facilitated a more accurate diagnosis than my previous endodontist made. Some of his cutting edge equipment also means a more pleasant experience for the patient (e.g., a drill that doesn't make that irritating whining noise).

The staff at Endodontics of O.C. was wonderful--friendly and quick to anticipate your needs. I also appreciated everyone's great sense of humor. It made the time go by quickly.

D. J.
Newport Beach, CA

Professional and compassionate. Dr. Cancellier is the best. I had no pain from the procedure, he explained everything completely, he checked in with me after the procedure and I am very pleased. I had 3 root canals at the office and I would not go anywhere else.


I was treated with respect and felt like I was a person instead of just a patient. I received a call from Dr. Cancellier to see how I was recovering and really appreciated this caring, individualized approach. I highly recommend this endodontist. Dr. Cancellier is great!!!


Dr. Cancellier is the best. I had no pain from the procedure, he explained everything completely, he checked in with me after the procedure and I am very pleased. I had 3 root canals at the office and I would not go anywhere else.


Greetings: I went to Dr. Cancellier approximately 10 years ago in his Encinitas office when I had broken a metal post in my front tooth that two other endodontists were unable to remove. Dr. Pete had it done in 3 minutes. Three root canals later and he continues to confirm my opinion that he is the "Master". I know quality medical treatment and accuracy. I could have gone to any of 50 endodontists in Encinitas but I drove to Irvine for peace of mind an quality treatment. The office is pleasant, his associates are professional and I would not go elsewhere. He is an expert!

L.R. - R.PH

Dr. Cancellier did two root canals for me six months after I had a root canal performed by another endodontist. Not only did he catch a problem that the other endodontist had missed, his state of the art equipment and expert knowledge made the experience pain an discomfort free. I can't say the same for the other endodontist. Should I need another root canal, I'll call Dr. Cancellier.


Dr. Pete is the best. He went out of his way to do a complicated root cancal and surgery. My tooth feels great. He follows up and really cares. A true professional.


No one looks forward to a root canal, but my experience with Dr. Cancellier and his staff was wonderful from start to finish. I wholeheartedly recommend his practice. State-of-the-art treatment, coupled with a warm and caring atmosphere. Thank you!


This was the best root canal experience I've had. And I have had many! Dr. Cancellier was incredible proficient and very nice. His staff was exceptional as well. I am so impressed.


Dr. Cancellier was very knowledgeable, gentle and skilled! He took extra time to explain to me the procedure and educate me as to the solution. The office even took me in an emergency situation in less than 30 minutes!! I've been to my fair share of dentists as wells as endodontists in my career and he rates up there with the best of the best! His 3d x-ray machine is pretty cool too. Show's your entire jaw & teeth inside and out which allows him to pinpoint the problem and be precise in his procedure. I could go on and on....


I was referred to Dr. Cancellier by my regular dentist to check a tooth that had previously had a 3/4 crown put on it. I was able to head right over from my regular dentist (Dr. Wong) and get checked out by Dr. Cancellier right away. Scheduled my root canal for the next morning. The entire procedure was painless (literally and figuratively) and he even lent me a pair of headphones to listen to music while he fixed my tooth! Great experience, friendly staff, and excellent doctor. I hope to not need another root canal, but if I do I'll come back here.


Dr. Cancellier was amazing. He was able to book me in an emergency appointment and did a fantastic job with my root canal. He had great bedside manners and is simply a good person. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family and will go back to him in the future if the need persists (hopefully not). Thank you doctor. :)


I was in severe pain and he saw me I think after his office hours. I'm a dentist myself. He is a great endodontist and he treated me greatly, pain free injections and I also learned from him, caring and funny, and also a good singer at work :)lol. Thanks Doc